Using RMS

TIA-BPC's Registration Management System (RMS) provides public information on an organization's registration to TL 9000 standard and confirms that all the applicable requirements and measurement obligations are being met.

In addition to TL 9000 registration data, the RMS is an extremely valuable resource for Quick Reports and Statistics, Data Submission, Account Management, and Certification Body Access.

TL 9000 Registration
RMS provides detailed information on the scope, options and selected product categories, primary registration and company contact, certification body and status of registration for each certified TL 9000 registration. Information on on-going TL 9000 registrations are considered private to the company and until certification occurs.

A new account can be created and populated with information on the user, company, personnel and registration by registering on the RMS. Additional information about registration like scope, certification body, and product categories can be added later. Repeat visitors can login with their user name and password and go directly to their account.

Click here to view step-by-step information on RMS registration (PDF 3MB)

Quick Reports and Statistics
RMS maintains searchable global information on all certified TL 9000 registrations, TIA-BPC member registrations, certification bodies, and accreditation bodies. It also provides alphabetical, state, country and regional listings of certified registrations. Statistics on certified registrations, registrations by product category and data submissions trends are also available.

Data Submission
TL 9000 mandates regular reporting of the measurements data specific to each registration. The RMS facilitates reporting of this data through three different methods: Users may enter the data through a graphical user interface on a monthly basis, use template offline and then upload the template through a web interface, or utilize machine-to-machine upload of XML data containers for completely automated data submissions.

Account Management
RMS provides a simple, user-friendly tool for TL 9000 registered companies to access, update, change, and manage information on registration, users, registration status and product categories. Non-TIA (BPC) members can also view usage invoices and make payments online with credit cards.

Certification Body Access
Certification body auditors have permission-based access to their TL 9000 registered client accounts. They can check, validate and update the client information as well as verify that collected measurements are consistent with scope, registration option and product category. Certification bodies also approve the registrations online and update the registration records.