As QuEST Forum's TL 9000 Requirements and Measurements Handbooks are deployed and used widely, questions arise from time to time, about the correct interpretation of some of the requirements, application of certain requirements, counting rules for measurements, and more.

QuEST Forum's subject-matter experts review these questions, analyze the situation, and if needed, publish an Information Alert to clarify the issue. These Information Alerts do not constitute new requirements, nor do they place any additional requirements on TL 9000 registrants. They serve solely to make the TL 9000 standard easier to understand and be applied more uniformly.

Obsolete alerts that don't apply to the latest release of TL 9000 or other factors can be accessed under Archived Alerts.

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2014 Alerts
  • Information Alert 14-006A
  • To announce the publication of a new tool to assist in conducting internal or external TL 9000 audits entitled "Certification Body Measurement Handbook R5.0 Checklist ".

  • Information Alert 14-005A
  • This alert announces the publication of a new document on the three methods for submitting TL 9000 monthly measurement data.

  • Information Alert 14-004A
  • To announce the release of a new version of the "Qualification and Experience Requirements for TL 9000 Certification Body Auditors" document.

  • Information Alert 14-003A
  • Clarification of requirements to maintain TL 9000 Certification in a product category

  • Information Alert 14-002A
  • A reminder of the relationship between ISO 9001:2008 and TL 9000

  • Information Alert 14-001A
  • To announce the mapping of similar product categories for use with the 2013 annual data. Previously, a method to address situations where a product category has less than three participating organizations, and as a result no PDRs are available was described in Alert 12-002A. These situations reduce the value of TL 9000 certifications to organizations in these product categories, since a main benefit of certification is access to benchmark data, either through a full set of PDRs (for QuEST Forum Members), or Annual PDRs (for non-QuEST Forum member certified organizations).

2013 Alerts
  • Information Alert 13-004A
  • A new version of the TL 9000 Product Category Tables has been approved for use. The new Tables may be used to submit October 2013 data to the Measurements Repository System and must be used for April 2014 data and forward. PCT 5.0 can continue to be used through the March 2014 data submission.

  • Information Alert 13-003A
  • Announces revision of "Data Inclusion Thresholds" also known as "floors", used during Best-in-Class, Worst-in-Class, and Industry Average calculations of TL 9000 monthly Performance Data Reports (PDRs).

  • Information Alert 13-002A
  • Clarify the rules for the implementation of the R5.5 Release of the TL 9000 Requirements Handbook

  • Information Alert 13-001A
  • This alert announces enhancements to current TL 9000 data submission error checking to include 8 new TL 9000 cross-measurement error checks.

2012 Alerts
  • Information Alert 12-003A
  • This Alert is a re-release of the information describing the TL 9000 Certification Complaint Process.

  • Information Alert 12-002A
  • This alert announces a new method to address situations where a product category has less than three participating organizations, and as a result no PDRs are available.

  • Information Alert 12-001A
  • This alert contains IMPORTANT INFORMATION about the time frames and requirements for the implementation of the new R5.0 release of the TL 9000 Quality Management System Measurements Handbook.

2011 Alerts
  • Information Alert 11-007A
  • Announcement of a new release of the TL 9000 Product Category Tables – Version R4.6

  • Information Alert 11-006A
  • Clarification of when “Date First Certified to TL 9000” on TL 9000 Registration Profile is reset during recertification.

  • Information Alert 11-005A
  • Changes to the DSR advisories

  • Information Alert 11-004A
  • To announce additional information that is now included with the annual performance data

  • Information Alert 11-003A
  • To announce changes to the profile data functionality within the TL 9000 Registration Management System

  • Information Alert 11-002A
  • To announce the publication of Release 6.0 of the Code of Practice for TL 9000 Certification Bodies (formerly Code of Practice for TL 9000 Registrars)

2010 Alerts
  • Information Alert 10-005A
  • To announce the publication of an update to the document referenced in Section 3., formerly titled Qualification and Experience Requirements for TL 9000 Registrar Auditors.

  • Information Alert 10-004A
  • Inform TL 9000 Certification Bodies of new capabilities added to the TL 9000 Registration Management System (2010 March 31)

  • Information Alert 10-001A
  • Notice of a new version of the Auditor Time Chart effective 2010 January 1.

2007 Alerts
  • Information Alert 07-001A
  • Ensure awareness of changes in the R4.0 Product Category Tables affecting contract manufacturers and to reinforce the information presented in Alert 03-002A. (2007 March 15)

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2006 Alerts

  • Information Alert 06-002A
  • Announcement of a new requirement for Certification Bodies (CBs) to report summary TL 9000 audit statistics to the QuEST Forum.  These are summary statistics only. Results of individual audits are not reported. (16 October 2006)

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